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Great Estates is a full-service construction management firm. Our scope of services can vary depending on the specific needs of the client and the complexity of the construction project.

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Project Planning & Development

  • Feasibility studies and site analysis.

  • Budget development and cost estimating.

  • Project scheduling and timeline management.

  • Permitting and regulatory compliance.

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  • Collaborating with architects, engineers, & designers.

  • Value engineering to optimize design.

  • Constructibility review.

  • Budget and schedule management during design.


  • Procurement and bid management.

  • Subcontractor and supplier selection.

  • Pre-construction meetings and planning.

  • Cost control and budget management.

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  • On-site project management and supervision.

  • Quality control and assurance.

  • Subcontractor coordination and scheduling.

  • Progress reporting and communication.

  • Budget tracking and cost control.

  • Payment processing and invoice verification.

  • Financial reporting to the client.

Closeout & Handover

  • Final inspections and approvals.

  • As-built drawings and documentation.

  • Project closeout and turnover to the owner.

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